Refund Policy

All coaching programmes, venues, batches, timings, and related arrangements announced by PPSM are subject to change according to venue & coach availability, number of participants, etc. As such, PPSM reserves the right to cancel or change any previously announced program or schedule, should this become unavoidable.


All payments should be made upon confirmation of registration and other details about the selected PPSM coaching venue / batch & duration, from either the respective PPSM Venue Coordinator / authorized representative for a venue managed by PPSM, or our Office.

A place can be reserved in the registered venue / batch only upon receipt of payment in full by PPSM.. No part-payment will be entertained.

There are several PPSM venues that may have a waiting list of students wishing to enrol for new coaching batches. Therefore, all available seats in various batches will be assigned to new students from the waiting list on a First Come, First Served basis in order of registration completed and payment received in full by us.

Existing students who wish to renew their enrolment after the completion of their enrolment period, must do so by paying the renewal fees in full no later than 1 week after the expiry of their current enrolment. PPSM cannot guarantee a place for a renewing student who does not confirm his /her renewal, and does not complete the payment of fees, within this period, and any vacant spots will be offered to new students on the waiting list.

Likewise, all payments made towards participation in tournaments, events, etc. organised directly by PPSM or on behalf of a 3rd party, shall be made upon confirmation of registration.


No refunds will be given under any other circumstances, once a student has completed the registration process and payment has been made.

In case of technical glitches when making online payments from the online payment gateway provided on the PPSM website, PPSM will strive to resolve these issues in a timely manner by coordinating with the concerned bank and payment gateway service provider. For this purpose, it is important that any such online payment issues are brought to our notice within 3 days from the date of such failed /incomplete / incorrect debit transactions supported by adequate proof and documentation to assist in the resolution process.

No refunds or adjustments will also be entertained for reasons such as:

  • Student’s failure to attend the coaching upon completion of registration & fee payment
  • The student is not satisfied with the coach after paying for his/her services.
  • The coach/sport is deemed too “difficult” or “inconvenient’ to attend / play.
  • Coaching sessions missed due to exams or vacation taken by a student.

Refunds for Payments made for a Tournament/Event:

  • No refund will be given once a player has registered for a tournament, and payment has been received by PPSM. 
  • Refund shall be provided to the player only if the event is cancelled by PPSM.  However, if the event does not conclude due to circumstances beyond the control or influence of PPSM, no refund will be made.

Adjustment Policy:

PPSM will implement the following Adjustment Policy effective November 1, 2017.

PPSM may, at its sole discretion, consider making an adjustment by way of extension / adjustment of coaching days, to students who are enrolled for a specified venue / batch, but only within the duration of the enrolment period already paid for by the student, under the following circumstances:

  • Any injury and/or illness (based on doctor’s certificate) during the period of enrolment when it is duly notified / communicated via email to us and is acknowledged by us in writing.
  • In case on non-availability of the venue or the coaching staff due to maintenance or other events being conducted at the venue, absence of a coach due to illness or other unforeseen reasons.

There shall be no provision for any adjustment by way of extension of the coaching days, under any other circumstances apart from those listed above.

PPSM reserves the right to make suitable adjustments, at its sole discretion, for the days missed for valid reasons listed above against future sessions but only within the same enrolment period, and subject to availability of capacity at the designated venue and batch.

In all such cases, the decision taken by the Management of Padukone Sports Management Private limited shall be deemed as final. Any dispute arising thereon shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Bengaluru, India.

PPSM reserves the right to make changes to the terms of these policies from time to time, and all such changes shall be posted on the website, and become effective immediately. Please review these policies regularly to ensure that you are aware of any changes made to the Agreement.